With the advent of smart phones, gaming has become easier and addictive than ever. Pokémon go is a game using the technology of augmented reality for a newer gaming experience. In just a couple of weeks of its release, it has seen more than 7 million users. Soon players will be looking for hacks to outsmart their friends. A safe tool should have the following features – check

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Upgrading: Clash Royale Cheat

  1. Upgrading cards from prove beneficial if the player wants to level up faster to unlock higher arenas.
  2. But upgrading every card should be avoided.
  3. Only a few strong complimentary cards should be upgraded wisely,
  4. Cards that are not used frequently should not be updated.
  5. Such cards can be used for donating when the need arises.
  6. Gold is used for upgrading.
  7. Gold is not easily available and could be only accessed through treasure chests that open only after ascertain amount of hours.
  8. Gold should be spent wisely, otherwise a player will be left with no gold in times of real requirement.
  9. By donating cards in exchange of gold the player can upgrade his desired card.